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Excellent new energy for forging tool materials

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Excellent new energy for forging tool materials
Latest company news about Excellent new energy for forging tool materials

In recent times, there are many processes in our lives that have been further improved. Forging technology is what we now admire. Because of its appearance, the performance requirements of the forging process are met, but today we are talking about forging. The performance of the mold is also known to everyone. When the mold is manufactured, there will be many procedures. Let's take a quick look at it. I hope everyone can learn more about the forging mold materials through the related introductions that Xiaobian made for everyone today.


1. Forging tooling materials have low hot forging deformation resistance, good plasticity, wide temperature range, cold cracking during forging and low tendency to precipitate out of mesh carbides.


2. Forging die material annealing process Spheroidizing annealing temperature range, annealing hardness is low and the fluctuation range is small, the ball rate is high, the cutting process cutting amount is large, the tool loss is low, the surface roughness is low.


3. The forging die material is in the state of repeated heating and cooling during the working process, which causes the stress on the surface of the cavity to be pulled and the stress is changed, resulting in cracking and peeling of the surface, **friction force, obstructing the plastic deformation, and reducing the dimensional accuracy. , resulting in mold failure.


4. Forging mold material in the work, due to the presence of chlorine in the plastic, fluorine and other elements, after heat analysis of HCI, HF and other aggressive gases, erosion mold cavity surface, increase its surface roughness, increase wear failure.


In summary, we should have some understanding of the excellent new energy of forging mold materials, and in our lives there are many products that need to be processed by the mold, otherwise, depending on the products that we want to make, we do not It will certainly be recognized by many people. Well, if friends want to buy forged products, they can visit our forging company for a visit. I believe we will make everyone satisfied.

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