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Making a seamless head

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Making a seamless head
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Size head (reducer) is a kind of pipe fitting used for pipe diameter. The commonly used forming process is shrinkage-reducing, expanding-diameter pressing or shrinkage-diameter-reducing-diameter pressing. For some sizes of different-diameter tubes, stamping can also be used.

Reducing the size of the head forming process is the size of the head with the same diameter of the tube blank into the forming mold, by pressing along the axial direction of the tube blank, so that the metal moves along the mold cavity and shrink shape. According to the size of the reducer, it can be divided into one press forming or multiple press forming.

In addition to using steel pipes as raw materials to produce large and small heads, some sizes of heads can also be produced by using stamping process. The shape of the die used for the drawing is determined by referring to the size of the inner surface of the head, and the punched steel plate is used to press-stretch the formed steel plate.

Before bonding the size of the head, use a dry cloth to wipe the outside of the socket side and the socket. When the surface is oily, wipe it clean with acetone. The following points should be noted:

1. Control caliber: DIN standard (DN10-DN150), 3A/IDF standard (1/2"-6"), ISO standard (Ф12.7-Ф152.4);

2. International Industrial Standards: DIN, ISO, SMS, 3A, IDF, etc.;

3, product materials: 20 # steel; stainless steel 304,316,316 L;

4, quality and use: the size of the head inside and outside the use of high-grade polishing equipment to meet the surface precision requirements; this product is suitable for dairy products, food, beer, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other industrial areas;

5, external processing: according to user requirements to map, sample processing non-standard products;

6. Connection method: clamp (quick loading) type, welding type, threaded (live connection) type.

Note that the size of the head is also suitable for the pipe diameter reduction in the environmental protection dust removal industry. Generally, the steel pipe is rolled and cut and welded, and the pipe diameter is different.

Generally hot rolled coils are used very well and can save costs.

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